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By bft - Posted on 23 February 2012

Transplanting Mature Trees

masive boab Frangipani tree Tree Planting

Why wait 20 or 100 years to get a mature tree or for that mater why
destroy a mature tree when it could be moved.
Transplanting of mature trees is a specialised area that can be expensive.
Having said that some trees can be moved easily with little more than a bobcat and a shovel.

Mature plants that are easy to move,

in general have shallow roots or are succulent:

  • Banana
  • citrus (orange, lemon, grape fruit)
  • frangipani
  • Guava
  • Most palms (size is the issue)
  • Coral trees
  • Mature plants that can be moved with care:

    in general plants with a dormant period and strong root stock

    • Deciduous fruit trees
      • Apple
      • Plum
      • Pear
      • Peach
    • Ficus
    • olives
    • flame trees

    Wait the 100 year (it can be done but it takes time and money)

    Large trees with deep tap roots

    • Eucalypt
    • Pine
    • oak

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